A platform about everything connected to brain-machine interface, brain itself and one's cognitive abilities.

At the current stage of development we offer you to:
  • Play neurogames and cognitive tests
    Use your brain as an alternate control interface and learn a little more about how does the brain work

In the nearest future we will enhance your experience with:
  • Articles, tutorials and training videos
    To make sure everything is clear
  • A possiblity to create your own games and tests
    For developers and enthusiastic neurohackers
  • Chat and other messaging options
    Discuss the best relaxing techniques or simply "Let's play the races"
  • Multiplayer games
    Compete with other players in brainpower
  • Achievements, points and awards
    E.g., «5th level Braintrooper»

What is a 'neurogame' and how does it work?

We introduce new ways to control with your brain:
  • Meditation
  • Concentration
  • Discrete mental states

Steps needed to be able to control with the 'power ot thought':
  1. Get an Exoneuro device - the neural headset
    It's a mobile wearable EEG-device with dry electrodes
  2. Download the app
    For Windows, Linux, macOS or Android (upcoming for iOS)
  3. Play games and cognitive tests
    Right inside the apps or in your desktop browser